Freelance Graphic Design Portfolio

ShapeLog logo design


Local Longboard Company logo sign

Local Longboard Company

Above the Treeline brochure

Edelweiss Brochure

Miles of Golf responsive website design

Miles of Golf

Espresso Royale Store Menu Designs

Espresso Royale Menus

Pangea's logo design

Pangea’s Pizza

Ripple Science brochure

Ripple Science Brochure

Espresso Royale Website Design

Espresso Royale Website

Sage Coffee logo design on packaging

Sage Coffee

Nutrition Connection logo design

Nutrition Connection

embroidered Lawrence Hunt logo design

Lawrence Hunt

Michigan Law School Senate shirt design

Michigan Law School

Finding Your Venture logo design

Finding Your Venture

Campus Concepts Flyer Design

Campus Concepts Flyer

Old Mission Capital logo on office

Old Mission Capital

monkeyball world championships 6 shirt design

Monkeyball 6

Orange Belt Brewing logo design

Orange Belt Brewing

Cabrio Properties brochure design

Cabrio Properties Brochure

First Foundations Logo Design

First Foundations Logo

Espresso Royale Coffee Bag

Espresso Royale Coffee Bag

All Out Fitness logo design

All Out Fitness

R&B Plastics Machinery website design

R&B Plastics Machinery

Espresso Royale catering brochure

Espresso Royale Catering Brochure

Logo Design for See Jane Curse Blog

See Jane Curse

Steere Machining logo design

Steere Machining

South Church 5k Run shirt design

South Church 5k Run

Edelweiss flyer design

Edelweiss Flyer

Incredible Mo's logo design

Incredible Mo’s

Eagle Village banner stand design

Eagle Village Bannerstand

Pathfinder logo design

Pathfinder Brand Solutions

Meckley's Orchard Website Design

Meckley’s Orchard Website

Marc Rubin realtor logo design

Marc Rubin

Espresso Royale Latte Day Posters

Espresso Royale Posters

Vincent Law Firm logo design

Vincent Law Firm

10 foot booth design for Edelweiss+ by Above the Treeline

Edelweiss+ Booth Design

Bounce Athletics website design

Bounce Athletics Website

Old Mission Capital Print Ad Design

Old Mission Capital Ad

Peg's Cantina shirt design

Peg’s Cantina

ShapeLog case study design

ShapeLog Case Study

Dynamic Soccer Camp logo

Dynamic Soccer Sessions

STB Athletes Website Design

STB Athletes Website

Meckley's Apple Orchard logo

Meckleys Orchard

McIntosh Grounds Maintenance Responsive Website Design

McIntosh Grounds Maintenance Website

Unit Mailing and Packaging Brochure

Crossfit Bloomfield Flyer

Crossfit Bloomfield Brochures

Ripple Science infographic design

Ripple Science Infographic

Ortho One logo design

Ortho One

SHI 13 shirt design

SHI 13 Golf Outing

Peninsular Cylinders Website Design

Peninsular Cylinders

Old Mission Capital banner design

Old Mission Capital Banner

selfecho infographic

SelfEcho Infographic

Golf Scramble Shirt Design

Percolator Classic 7

Espresso Royale Bean Day poster design

Espresso Royale Bean Day Poster

Studio West Fitness postcard design

Studio West Fitness Postcard

ShapeLog Bannerstand design

ShapeLog Bannerstand

Joel Chasnoff Comedy website design

Joel Chasnoff Comedy

XG Consultants Group logo design

XG Consultants Group

Espresso Royale Lemon Buzz poster design

Espresso Royale Lemon Buzz Poster

Beartown Road Design e-commerce website

Beartown Road Design

SHI 12 Golf Outing Shirt Design

SHI 12 Golf Outing

Old Mission Capital Website Design

Old Mission Capital Website

The Farrell Law Firm logo design on door

The Farrell Firm

Tall Paul's Pickles logo design

Tall Paul’s Pickles

Central Skateboards logo design

Central Skateboards

The Vincent Law Firm website design

Vincent Law Firm Website

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee logo design

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Ecology Center Banner Stand Design

Ecology Center Bannerstand

Kelley & Evanchek Law Firm Website Design

Kelley & Evanchek Law Firm

Crossfit Bloomfield logo design

Crossfit Bloomfield

Allen's Orchard logo design

Allen’s Orchard

Unlimited Sports Agency logo design

Unlimited Sports Agency

A2 Electric Website Design

A2 Electric

Monkeyball 13 shirt design

Monkeyball 13

Singularity logo design


Graffiti logo design


Cambridge Village logo design

Cambridge Village

Fake Meats logo design

Fake Meats Logo

SHI 16 shirt design

SHI 16 Golf Outing

5k run poster design

Gaylord Texan 5K Run Poster

Stine Custom Woodworks logo design

Stine Custom Woodworks

SHI 17 Shirt Design

SHI 17 Golf Outing

Boyne to be Wild Bachelor Party Shirt Design

Bachelor Party Shirt