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The makings of an award-winning freelance graphic designer

I knew a career in the graphic design field was in my future from a very young age. With a drawing pad always nearby, I would sketch anything that grabbed my eye.

University of Michigan logoIn high school, I channeled this love for art into a small business designing t-shirts for student groups and athletic teams. I also was the co-editor of the yearbook. This all led me to attend the University of Michigan School of Art & Design so I could gain a better understanding of graphic design theory, technique, and how I could use design to help people and companies visually communicate their brand message.

My first paid design projects

Expressnet Airlines logoDuring college, I started my own freelance graphic design business and began to take on several side jobs (whenever pesky homework didn’t get in the way) including a logo design for an airline and a website for a life science company.

Quitting my job to go full-time freelance

After graduation, I worked as the in-house graphic designer for a biotechnology company but also continued to do freelance graphic design work on the side (yes, my bosses knew I was moonlighting).

As my freelance design business continued to grow, I realized there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to keep both jobs. So, after eight years as an in-house graphic designer, I decided to become a full-time freelance graphic designer and I’ve never looked back.

Why I love being a freelance graphic designer

Being a freelance graphic designer has allowed me to learn about so many interesting industries and meet some very inspiring entrepreneurs. It has also helped me to improve my graphic and web design skillsets at a much faster pace than when I was just working with one client.

There is no “typical” workday for me as each day brings a different challenge to tackle, but that keeps my head on its toes… and I love every second of it!

This is my amazing family. They are the ones that inspire me to do my best on a daily basis.

With nearly 300 entries from 38 countries, I was truly proud and honored to take home the WOLDA gold award for my logo redesign of Pangea’s Pizza. Learn more…