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Every business, no matter the size, deserves professional and effective graphic design. Your customers don't simply appreciate a great design experience anymore; they expect it. It's time to elevate your brand. I can help.

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Freelance Graphic Designer, Casey Frushour

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for over 20 years, I work with businesses of all sizes from all over the country. Whether you’re a startup needing a professional visual presence or an established company wanting to improve what you have, I am the freelance graphic designer you’ve been looking for. Let’s talk!

Freelance Graphic Design Portfolio

ShapeLog logo design


Local Longboard Company logo sign

Local Longboard Company

Above the Treeline brochure

Edelweiss Brochure

Miles of Golf responsive website design

Miles of Golf

Espresso Royale Store Menu Designs

Espresso Royale Menus

Pangea's logo design

Pangea’s Pizza

Ripple Science brochure

Ripple Science Brochure

Espresso Royale Website Design

Espresso Royale Website

Sage Coffee logo design on packaging

Sage Coffee

Nutrition Connection logo design

Nutrition Connection

embroidered Lawrence Hunt logo design

Lawrence Hunt

Michigan Law School Senate shirt design

Michigan Law School

Finding Your Venture logo design

Finding Your Venture

Campus Concepts Flyer Design

Campus Concepts Flyer

Old Mission Capital logo on office

Old Mission Capital

monkeyball world championships 6 shirt design

Monkeyball 6

Orange Belt Brewing logo design

Orange Belt Brewing

Cabrio Properties brochure design

Cabrio Properties Brochure

First Foundations Logo Design

First Foundations Logo

Espresso Royale Coffee Bag

Espresso Royale Coffee Bag

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